NRC/GT Newsletter: Purpose and Scope

June 1991 Masthead

The staff of the National Research Center on the Gifted and Talented is pleased to present the premier issue of our newsletter. The newsletter will serve various audiences. The first audience consists of all persons involved in our Collaborative School Districts. The second audience is general education and gifted education professionals and parent groups that have expressed an interest in our activities. The third audience is the community of scholars engaged in research on the gifted and talented. We have created a forum for scholars and practitioners to present abstracts of research in progress, brief articles and commentary, and summaries of books, articles, and research reports. In this way, the newsletter serves more than just our immediate need to disseminate information about the Center.

In this issue, we have highlighted the overall organization and the mission of the Center. And, we have presented brief summaries of the current research studies in progress. Beyond the Center activities, we solicited contributions from members of our Consultant Bank in these three categories:

  • Research In Progress
    Abstracts of approximately 200 words describing research activities. These abstracts may also contain requests for sites/subjects, information about identification and program development, or any otter material that might enhance research in progress.
  • Brief Articles and Commentary
    Material in this category should deal with some aspect of research or the application of research in practical situations. Articles should be approximately 500 words in length, and they should also contain invitations for further contact with the researcher.
  • Just Off the Press
    Articles in this category should highlight books, articles, and research reports recently completed. Journal references, publishers’ addresses, or procedures for obtaining these materials should be included. Emphasis should be given to translating research findings into practice. Articles in this category should be approximately 500 words and include invitations for additional contact.

We are pleased to present submissions in these categories from our initial request of Consultant Bank members. We also extend an invitation to our readers to prepare materials for our newsletter and forward them to our editorial staff.


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