Contricipation: The Creative Process for Everyone

November 1991 Masthead


Morris I. Stein
New York University

CONTRICIPATION is a term I coined to call attention to the fact that everyone is or can be involved in the creative process. A person either contributes to the process or appreciates the process. Contributors. need appreciators and appreciators need contributors. All too often attention is focused solely on the problems of contributors—the creative person has difficulty getting financial support; the creative person had difficulty being recognized, etc. But appreciators have problems also. Can you imagine what the world would be like without creativity? Imagine having insomnia some night and wanting to read a good book but no one had’ written it! Imagine wanting to listen to a symphony, but no one had composed it! Imagine needing medicine for a loved one who is ill but no one had discovered/developed it! Appreciators also would have problems in a world without creativity.

For the past several years I have been involved in studying creative adults. A group of particular interest in my study consists of those who have been exposed to both cognitive complexity and emotional security. This would involve doing research on a larger population where one could study parent-child relationships. I don’t have access to a gifted population at present. Nor do I have research funds. But, if anyone is interested and where funds would not be a barrier please write to me.

Also I am bringing my 1986 book on Gifted, Talented and Creative Young People up-to-date. I would appreciate it very much if anyone who has published since 1986 in the gifted area would send me copies of their papers.

All communication should be sent to Prof. Morris I. Stein, Dept. of Psychology, 6 Washington Place, New York, NY 10003. Or, call: (212)-998-7825 and if no response, call (212) 475-2428.


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