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November 1991 Masthead

Gifted: Challenge and Response for Education

Joe Khatena
Mississippi State University

The intent of the book is to put into one place a representative sample of the most significant theory and practice on the subject. The book is solidly based on research and practice. It gives appropriate attention to subjects such as:

  • the need to understand and identify the abilities of gifted children
  • to get to know their developmental characteristics
  • to be aware of the problems they face and how they may be assisted to overcome them
  • the nature of their intellectual processes and methods that have effective productivity
  • to survey various educational models designed for better learning
  • to consider several of the most pertinent motivational approaches and their relevance for gifted education
  • and to regard their education in terms of the past, present and future.

An unusually comprehensive treatment of diverse contributions to the field, the book captures the essences and essentials of the most innovative ideas, instructional materials, measurement approaches, theories in historical perspective, and modern technological correlates of giftedness. Rich in both psychological theory and educational philosophy and technology, the book fairly represents the many ideas and issues that have made gifted education an exciting one in recent years.

In addition, the book gives meaningful and significant examples and case studies of gifted children, guides identification of talent, provides strategies for developing creative imagination, and presents various checklists that focus attention on characteristics and attitudes, identification procedures of underachievement, and the like.

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