Helping Your Child Find Success at School: A Guide for Hispanic Parents

Candis Y. Hine

This resource book is based on a study that examined factors in the family learning environment of high achieving Puerto Rican students which contributed to their success in school. The analysis of students’ and parents’ perceptions provides insights into family factors that may support high achievement. The resource book describes eight keys to open the doors of success at school, and provides specific information to help parents to help their children to develop their talents and to get the most out of school.


Hine, C. Y. (1994). Helping your child find success at school: A guide for Hispanic parents (RM94202). Storrs: University of Connecticut, The National Research Center on the Gifted and Talented.

Helping Your Child Find Success at School: A Guide for Hispanic Parents
Candis Y. Hine


  1. Let your child know you value achievement in school. Parents must be aware of their children’s progress, guide their education, and praise their children for their efforts.
  2. Help your child to develop strong language skills. Parents should encourage correct language usage of both English and Spanish. Bilingualism has been associated with superior performance on both verbal and nonverbal tests.
  3. Provide a strong family support system for your children.
  4. Make sure you nurture a strong family bond at home to help your children to develop a positive image of themselves and their culture.
  5. Do not let your child use cultural biases, or prejudices held by people at school or in the community, as an excuse for failure.
  6. Make sure you become involved in your child’s school and extracurricular activities.