Enrichment Materials

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A Blueprint for Geometry by Brad Fulton and Bill Lombard

During a 2-3 week project based on the blueprints provided with this resource, students become junior architects as they make scale drawing, compute building costs, correct elevations, plan the number of electrical outlets, and answer other questions architects and contractors deal with every day. Grades 5-8. ISBN: 1-57232-278-0. $16.95.

Fun with Your Microscope by Shar Levine and Leslie Johnstone

Students learn about different parts of a microscope, various slide preparation techniques, and the importance of keeping a journal to record findings. Grade 3-8. ISBN: 0-8069-9946-2. $9.95.

Hands-On Archaeology by John R. White

Young archaeologists try their hands at excavating a site using the same methods as modern archaeologists. Grades 3-12. ISBN: 1-882664-34-5. $21.95.

How to Tape Instant Oral Biographies by William Zimmerman

Students learn how to create a library filled with spoken histories from families and friends. Grades 4-8. ISBN: 1-55870-526-0. $12.99.

Inventing Stuff by Ed Sobey

In addition to presenting techniques for inventing and information about invention contests, Inventing Stuff encourages learners to ask questions, look for patterns, and keep tinkering with their inventions. Grades 5-12. ISBN: 0-86651-937-8. $11.95.

Painting the Sky by Shelley Tucker

These exciting exercises and activities help students learn to use metaphors, similes, personification, and other poetic elements. Grades 3-6. ISBN: 0-673-36211-6. $12.95.

The Story in History by Margot Fortunato Galt

Using sources such as early maps, Walt Whitman’s account of the Civil War, Sioux Indian oral histories, diaries from women on the Oregon Trail, ads from the 1940s, and their own historical research, students explore events as they write their own historical accounts. Grades 6-12. ISBN: 0-915924-39-0. $15.95.

Used Numbers Series (Counting; Measuring; Sorting; Statistics: Middles, Means, and In-Betweens; Statistics: Prediction and Sampling; Statistics: The Shape of the Data) by various authors

Students learn to collect, record, discuss, and analyze data in many ways. Grades K-6. $13.95 each

Young Cartoonist by Judy Tachell

Step-by-step instructions teach youngsters how to draw cartoons and caricatures of faces, bodies, and animals, as well as movement, scenery, and perspective. Grades 3-9. ISBN: 0-7460-0083-9. $8.95.

The Young Person’s Guide to Becoming a Writer by Janet E. Grant

This practical guide helps young writers experiment with different genres, evaluate their own work, locate publishers, prepare and submit work, and more. Grades 6-12. ISBN: 0-915793-90-3. $13.95.

The Young Producers Video Book by Donna Guthrie and Nancy Bentley

This guide moves readers through seven steps to produce a video: they choose a topic and a crew, research and learn how to use the camera, write the script and plan the storyboard, direct, tape, edit, and present the show. Grades 2-4. ISBN: 1-56294-688-9. $7.95.

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