Providing Acceleration and Enrichment Options

The final phase of the compacting process can be one of the most exciting aspects of teaching because it is based on cooperative decision-making and creativity on the parts of both teachers and students. Time saved through curriculum compacting can be used by the teacher to provide a variety of enrichment opportunities for the student.

Enrichment strategies might include a variety of Type I, II, or III services. This aspect of the compacting process should also be viewed as a creative opportunity to serve as a mentor to one or two students who are not working up to potential. We have also observed another interesting occurrence that has resulted from the availability of curriculum compacting. When some bright but underachieving students realized that they could both economize on regularly assigned material and ‘earn time’ to pursue their own interests, their motivation to complete regular assignments increased; as one student put it, “Everyone understands a good deal!”

The best way to get an overview of the curriculum compacting process is to examine an actual example of how the management form that guides this process is used. This form, The Compactor, serves as both an organizational and record keeping tool. Teachers should fill out one form per student, or one form for a group of students with similar curricular strengths. Completed Compactors should be kept in students’ academic files, and updated on a regular basis.

Some teachers can implement curriculum compacting with enthusiasm and encounter only minor questions. Others require more help and support and so we have prepared eight specific steps than can be used to compact curriculum. For more information on these steps, click here.

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