Student Worksheet 1: Goal Value Exploration—Teacher Version

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Directions: During the individual conference, read the following questions aloud to the student, and record his/her responses on this worksheet. After the conference, examine his/her responses. Code the first two responses as one of the three task values (or cost). Then use the following questions to analyze the student’s reponses. Some free response questions do not directly align with any of the “task values” per se, but they should give you insight into what the student values. You will discuss the student’s responses during the next conference session.

Before session 2, examine the students responses to the Goal Value Exploration worksheet to gain insights into what motivates this student.

  1. Look for patterns within the responses on the Goal Value Exploration worksheet.
    Does the student seem to have high or low interest in the class?
    Does the student seem to perceive the class as having high or low utility for him/her?
  2. What kinds of attitudes and values does the student display?
    What things do interest the student?
    What does the student value?
    Where does the student put forth effort?
    How could some of that enthusiasm be channeled into school?

1. When I try hard in this class, it’s because ____________________

2. I would spend more time on my schoolwork if _______________

3. If I do poorly in this class, then __________________________________(wppen).


4. When I don’t try hard in this class, it’s because ______________.


5. Doing well in this class will help me to _____________________.

(Utility Value)

6. This class is important because __________________________.

(Utility Value)

7. The thing that I am most interested in learning more about is_____.

(Interest Value)

8. The most interesting thing that I learned in this class this year is _________.

(Interest Value)

9. I feel best about myself when ___________________________.

10. I feel worst about myself when ______________________________________.

11. I am most proud of ______________________________________________.

12. I wish that I could _______________________________________________.

13. When I grow up, I want to ____________________________.

(Utility Value)

14. I really value _______________________________________.