Outline of Goal Valuation Intervention Strategies

Intrinsic Value Strategies
Provide interest enhancing activities, anecdotes, games, challenges, etc. that linked to the instructional objectives.
Provide variety and choices for learning and/or showing mastery of the content.
Provide optimally challenging learning activities.
Use preassessment to match instruction to the student’s current levels of academic functioning.
Provide opportunities for active learning opportunities.
Provide opportunities for immediate feedback.
Enthusiastically present content and treated students as eager learners.
Attainment Value Strategies
Provide students with opportunities to engage in authentic, significant tasks.
Provide students with opportunities with tasks that are personally meaningful to the student.
Provide students with models who value academic achievement.
Utility Value Strategies
Explain the purpose of the lesson/assignments.
Connect learning to students’ current wants and/or future goals and aspirations.
Show the real world applications/ramifications of the concepts covered in class.
Share personal stories about how others have used the knowledge or skills we are learning.
Invite a parent, student, or community member to share how they use information from your course.
Relate learning activities to the objectives of the course.
Develop connections between prior knowledge, current learning, and future uses.
Provide student with an opportunity to obtain a reward for reaching a specific instructional goal.
Individual Conferences: Meet with student once a week for 15-20 minutes to discuss goals and values.
Use constructive confrontation techniques.
Use active listening techniques.
Complete the assigned session activites.
Complete the assigned worksheets with the student.
Help student to clarify academic goals.
Help student to make plans to achieve academic goals.

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