Individual Conferences: Session 6

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1. Goal discussion:

It is important to discuss the student’s goals for his/her academic career.

Discuss the following questions:

1. Describe what you think that your life will be like 10 years from now. (Tell the student to feel free to Dream Big, but to also be realistic.)

2. How will you get there from here? What will it take to get where you want to go from here?

1. Have the student barinstorm his or her long term goals.

2. What steps must you take to achieve your long term goals?

3. What things could keep you from achieving your long term goals?

4. How can you get a head start toward achieving your long term goals now?

5. How does this class (or school) fit into achieving your long term goals?

2. Re-explore utility, attainment, and interest values for the class in question.

  1. What was the most interesting thing that you learned in class this week?
  2. How can you make class more interesting for yourself?
  3. What was the most useful thing that you learned in class this week?
  4. How can you make class more useful to you?
  5. What accomplishment from class are you most proud of?
  6. What can you do to feel even better about yourself in class?

3. Review whether the strategies that you and the student developed during session 3 for increasing the task value of the class are working, and make any necessary modifications.

MODIFICATIONS to Strategies from session 3:

Ideas for increasing the Interest Value of ______________ Class:

Ideas for increasing the Utility Value of ________________ Class:

Ideas for increasing the Identity Value of ______________ Class:

Ideas for increasing the cost of doing poorly or decreasing the cost of doing well.

Can you and/or the student might realistically incorporate any of these ideas into class or school?

4. Closing:

  • Give the student the opportunity to talk freely about anything class related that might be on his or her mind.
  • You and the student should close by summarizing what the student accomplished between last week and this week, and what the student will try to accomplish between this week and next week.
  • Call attention to any progress or positive steps that the student has made. Also mention any areas that continue to need attention, and relate those areas to the students stated goals.

This week’s accomplishments:

Next week’s goals:

Progress or positive steps:

Areas that continue to need attention:

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