Introduction to Cognitive Lessons


As discussed earlier in this module, cognitive approaches are time-limited, short-term, goal-oriented, and collaborative. Once you are familiar with the approaches a schedule of visits with the selected student can be established. It is recommended to have three successive sessions, each 20-30 minutes in length, depending on the issue being addressed. Sessions should be spaced several days apart. Student activities and forms are provided, but should not be considered as homework assignments for the student. These activities are to be done with you as a part of the session. This part of the module involves one-on-one counseling and discussion with the student.

Lesson 1: Identifying Faulty Cognitions
Lesson 2: Choice Theory
Lesson 3: Solution-focused Approach
Lesson 4: ABCDE Approach
Lesson 5: Automatic thoughts
Summary chart for teachers

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