Study and Learning Strategies—Organization

Are you organized and ready to study? Do you waste time just trying to get started?

Here are some strategies to get better organized:

  • Keep a homework book to record upcoming assignments, projects, tests, and events.
  • Have a designated two pocket travel folder in which you label one side as “To Do” and the other as “Done.” Keeping all your important notices and papers in one place saves you time.
  • Create reminder checklists, one called “at school” and one “at home.”
  • Keep all handouts and papers in chronological order in your subject notebooks.
  • Clean out your locker and bookbag on a regular basis (once a week is a good start).
  • Pack your bookbag each night before you go to bed, making sure that you include all of your homework.
  • At home, put your bookbag in the same place every day.

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